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Eos Template Show File Creation: Palettes

This four-part blog series will give some introductory insight into creating a template show file to use while programming on an Eos family console. The Eos line of consoles and, thus, the software has been around since 2007. The family has grown and evolved over the years and has become a robust...


Eos Template Show File Creation: Settings and Snapshots

This four-part blog series will give some introductory insight into creating a template show file to use while programming on an Eos family console. The Eos line of consoles and, thus, the software has been around since 2007. The family has grown and evolved over the years and has become a robust...


Bringing new life to your Source Four fixtures

There are millions of incandescent Source Four fixtures out in the world. 3.5 million to be exact. Because of their high-quality design and robust technology, a majority of these fixtures are still running strong and are revered as the dependable workhorse fixtures of their venues.


Chengdu City Concert Hall Selects ETC

The Chengdu City Concert Hall is the government’s initiative to promote Chengdu City as the national hub of the music industry. The up-and-coming music development hub is dedicated to bringing a classic and best-in-class musical experience to the world. The design of the Concert Hall integrates the...


ETC Automated Framing Fixtures: What’s in The Path

As automated lighting technology entered the 21st century, moving yoke LED luminaires became the de facto choice for most designers and applications. While moving mirror fixtures are inherently larger and difficult to hide in a rig, they did afford a much longer optical path.

Source Four LED fixtures

Selling the First Source Four

Thirty years ago, ETC began selling the Source Four incandescent fixture. That timeline means that many of you reading this article have grown up with Source Four and may not remember the time when it was not standard in every theatre. But the fixture’s success did not happen overnight and there...


Mathieu Cabanes uses Eos Ti for Les Folies Broadway

While Mathieu Cabanes has spent many hours programming Eos consoles for opera and theatre, this was the first time he used this desk for a grand symphony orchestra performance. Les Folies Broadway, held this past summer at the Domaine D'O in Montpellier, France, was a journey through the great...

Gio @5

ETC illuminates Nantong Grand Theatre

Nantong Grand Theatre is a signature landmark that was newly established in 2021. It is the largest project invested in by the China government in an effort to boost art and cultural development in Nantong of the Jiangsu Province. The theatre is situated in the city center, a central hub for...


Rebecca Bonebrake - Architectural Lighting Designer

Throughout the year we’ve interviewed some incredible women in the entertainment lighting industry. This week we feature a woman who, like others, has ties to the theatre, but unlike the others, makes a living as an architectural lighting designer. This segment of lighting design is lesser known,...


HCL Research at ETC

ETC has partnered with one of the US Department of Energy’s national laboratories to conduct field research related to Human Centric Lighting (HCL.) The project kicked off with measuring lighting conditions throughout the manufacturing areas in ETC's Middleton headquarters.


A Quick Definition of Color Temperature and CCT

Color temperature and Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) describe the warm or cool appearance of white light. Color temperature refers to white chromaticities (color points) that are technically on what is called the blackbody curve on a scientific diagram. CCT uses the nearest color temperature to...


Color metrics explained with Lustr X8 fixtures

Last year, ETC Color Specialist Wendy Luedtke sat down with Senior Colorist, Rory Gordon and Cinematographer, Craig Kief to discuss the benefits of, and science behind ETC’s Lustr X8 array. This array can be found in several ETC fixtures and, for a number of reasons, is ideal for the on-camera...


Passing The Learning Torch at Impact Christian Fellowship

Well known for its annual folk music festival, Kerrville, Texas is also home to Impact Christian Fellowship. A growing, non-denominational house of worship, Impact’s services stand out for their message and their worship music. Weekly services, their ‘kids church’, and annual Vacation Bible School...


Architectural fixtures to give you a warm feeling

We've talked about color temperature in architectural applications before on this blog. Both in terms of what color temperature is and how human-centric lighting works with physiology to create environments that are well suited for their purpose. What we haven't talked about before is just how...


Suzhou Bay Cultural Center Shines with ETC

Suzhou Bay Cultural Center is located at the shore of Lake Tai in Suzhou of China, and adjacent to the Taihu New Town CBD. It is one of the signature development projects initiated by the city through the Wujiang Lakefront Masterplan. The 215,000 square-meter center consists of two wings, the...


Theatre Tattoos Around the Industry

In an industry centered on the arts, it's no surprise that we've come across some amazing theatre tattoos and lighting themed ink over the years. Here, we've gathered tattoo submissions and stories from our fans. Thank you to everyone who contributed. We're inspired by you and your artists'...


What are metamers and why do they matter?

When executing a successful lighting design, the question of color is often considered near the end of the process, and in some ways, it seems to make sense. We first ask ourselves, what’s my budget? Which fixtures do I have? What are my hang positions? And then, finally, what color should those...


Math and lighting design with Mextly Couzin

We continue our conversations with female lighting designers with this week’s feature on Mextly Couzin. Couzin is a Mexican American designer with a passion for opera, a BS in pure mathematics, and an associate design credit on a show currently running on Broadway. Read interviews with other...


Summer bucket list: visit your local rep theatre

If you’ve ever wanted to pursue a career in professional theatre, there’s a good chance that you’ve spent some time working summer stock or at a repertory theatre. Designers, actors, stage managers, and backstage crew from far and wide come together for a few months each year to learn, experiment,...


Fashion Show at Miami University features HES

Miami University in Oxford, Ohio held its 16th Fashion and Design Program’s Fashion Show on April 30th, where High End Systems lighting offered beautiful illumination of the 75 student models on the catwalk.

All of the designers, models, and volunteer staff are students in the school’s fashion and...


75 Years of the Tony Awards

The Tony Awards are happening this coming weekend and as an industry built on live theatre, we thought it would be a missed opportunity to go without mentioning the history of this award, all the amazing talent that is recognized year after year, and how ETC is proud to play a role in many of these...

Source 4WRD

Tradeshow Talk – Prolight + Sound 2022

 After three long years we finally made our way back to Frankfurt for the much anticipated 2022 edition of Prolight + Sound (April 25-28). There was a great deal of excitement at returning to the Messe Frankfurt and being able to connect with our customers and visitors in-person once again. Around...


Erica Maholmes - Lighting design after the pandemic

Like so many designers in this industry, Erica Lauren Maholmes says she came upon her career by accident. And like so many students, the momentum of her young career was dramatically impacted when the world shut down in 2020. Despite the unfortunate timing, however, she is an inspiration to...


Upgrading your high school theatre lighting

During ETC’s CUE conference in February, one of the most popular classes — in multiple languages and around the world — tackled the topic of upgrading your theatre lighting. The class, taught by Marketing Product Manager for Entertainment Fixtures, Jim Uphoff, was so popular, we wanted to...


Behind the scenes at CUE 2022

With just over 2100 people registered in 80 countries around the world, Virtual CUE 2022 was definitely our largest event to date! As you might expect with an event that spans most of the time zones, and many of our ETC corporate offices, it took a small army to pull it all together.


ETC keeps the spotlight on training


Product training opportunities have increased significantly over the past several years as ETC continues to grow. Having recently celebrated its 45th year in business, ETC has gone from modest beginnings to become arguably the largest manufacturer of lighting and control products in the world....


An interview with Amber Whatley, lighting designer


When Amber Whatley decided to study lighting design in college, she quickly realized that many of her peers were coming to the program with prior training because of the programs that existed at the high school level. Unfortunately, in the majority of Black communities in the United States,...


ETC 2021 Curtain Call: A look at the past year


The end of the year always calls for reflection. Before we bid 2021 adieu, we’re having one last curtain call of some of our greatest hits of the year. Check out the full list below for some of the fun stats and fan favorites you may have missed over the past year.


CUE education conference is filling fast!


In less than one day, 400 people from 40 countries around the world had already registered for CUE 2022! This 24-hour event is slotted for February 17th, begins in Asia, and makes its way around the world, wrapping up in North America. Come join students, educators, designers, technicians, and...


ETC features at World Expo Dubai


The World Expo in Dubai has returned with over 200 participants taking part and presenting their latest and greatest innovations and technology on a variety of pavilions. ETC products are installed in several of the pavilions in the Expo which, after being delayed by the pandemic, has opened the...


A snapshot of PENKO


Today we take a look back at the history of PENKO Engineering B.V. and where it all began. The company which has been a part of the global ETC Inc. group for over 17 years, originally started as a trading business which sold weighing equipment. Today however, PENKO delivers a range of customized...


A fascinating look at ETC logo design through the decades


ETC’s logo has evolved through the years. While it started as a college project, it soon shifted into something very artistic and intentional. There have been a handful of iterations through the years, but you’ll see that many of the original elements still remain over 40 years later.


The art and science behind dichroic filters


High End Systems has been making dichroic color filters for the live event industry for over 30 years. But what is a dichroic filter, how is it different than gel, and what are the benefits of using this stunningly beautiful glass that’s also found in artwork, jewelry, architectural accents, and...


ETC lights shine on crazy good Pink Floyd Exhibition


Pink Floyd could never be accused of half-hearted productions. In the mid-seventies when their contemporaries were still using carousel projectors, they created a 32-foot-diameter circular screen lit by two 10,000-watt Xenon 35 mm projectors with custom lenses ground in France. When other bands...

ETC Culture

45 Moments from 45 years at ETC

On Christmas eve 1975, ETC was founded, and a tale of impressive growth and expansion began. As we wrap up our 45th year in business, we thought it would be fun to look back at the moments that have made us who we are today.


Meet ETC France – 3 times bigger!


Today we’d like to introduce you to the latest office space of ETC France! The team officially moved into a brand new building in Saint Denis, a northern suburb of Paris, early last year. When you walk into the office you can instantly see just how spacious it is: at 1400 m2, the modern space is...


Paolo Tizianel overcomes a console challenge

Paolo Tizianel, an esteemed lighting designer from Padua in northern Italy, has worked on dance and theatre shows for many years. No stranger to international touring, Paolo has been using ETC systems for more than a decade. On his travels, Paolo encounters a broad variety of technical equipment...

Lighting your house of worship by the numbers


Technology enhances so much of what happens in your church, synagogue, or house of worship venue as you’re preparing for services each week. The lighting, recording, and filming equipment, projections, and slide shows… it all adds up to a lot of time and money. Maybe your congregation doesn’t...


Eos Adventures: An Interview with Leonardo Benetollo


Leonardo Benetollo is an Italian lighting designer and owner of Pro Service SNC, a company specializing in technical installations for dance and theatre. His talent and experience in the dance arena make him one of the most sought-after professionals in his field. Leonardo has long been linked to...


Workshop Lite 2021 a Success


This continues to be a disruptive year for our industry, but thankfully, with technology being what it is, we did not have to forego the much-loved summer conference for our ETC dealers and reps. Workshop took a modified virtual platform for the second year in a row, but attendance was high,...


Anne Valentino: A Career in Control


Anne Valentino retired from ETC in October of 2020. Before she left, however, Steve Terry (ETC Director of Standards and Industry Relations) and Dennis Varian (ETC Vice President of Research and Development) sat down with her in a virtual interview to capture the stories and memories of her time...


Meet the Orlando Office


When you walk into the Orlando office, you’re greeted by a barn wood-wrapped front desk, a few comfy chairs, and the smiling face of the lovely Amy Poole. The environment is laid back professional, just like the corporate culture encourages it to be. Add in the frenetic energy of High End Systems...


Three ways ETC keeps Hollywood alive in Vancouver


Many movie theatres of the 1930s, like the starlets who graced their screens, have faded away. Time – and real estate developers – wait for no one. But in Vancouver’s west side the art deco Hollywood Theatre was rescued from demolition by an enterprising team who turned the classic ‘30s palace...


The shocking impact of theatre on the environment


For anyone who has ever worked in live theatre, you understand the massive amount of time, energy, and materials required to put up a single show. The costumes, lighting, scenery, marketing materials, and travel considerations for audience after audience each night add up quickly and have a...


ETC Rigging Reno at the Carrier Dome


When Syracuse University decided to renovate the legendary Carrier Dome, one of the key components was a rigging system that would support their scoreboard. They wanted a scoreboard that would provide a “wow factor” for their fans and players. With four sides that are each 62.5 feet wide and 20...


Lighting Design for Theatre-in-the-round


Lighting designer Daniella Beatie discusses the world of lighting design for theatre-in-the-round in this latest blog article. She is based at the New Vic Theatre Stoke-on-Trent and has worked on over 100 productions in-the-round including, Prince and the Pauper, Much Ado About Nothing, The Wind...


Camera-friendly features of fos/4 praised


When Przemysław Waszkiewicz, owner of Offstage rental company in Poland, was asked by 1 venue recording AUDIO-WIDEO to provide gear for a video shoot, he immediately thought of ETC’s camera-friendly fos/4 Fresnel. “There is a lot of variety in LED fixtures, and I’ve seen many venues purchase RGB...


ETC’s Advance Research Group pushes innovation


Maintain the quality of light. That was the company message in 2011. Global energy conservation laws were coming fast and furious and the world was asking questions about the long-term impact of incandescent lighting. Commercial and residential facilities began swapping practical lighting from...


Educational resources to light up lesson plans

Lesson plans might look a little different this year for lighting instructors. Whether students are participating in online learning or in-person instruction, many of ETC’s resources are here to help. We’ve compiled a list of educational videos, activities, downloads, and more to advance...
Source 4WRD

Source 4WRD Color joins the 4WRD fixture family

Source 4WRD Color is the newest addition to the Source 4WRD fixture family. This new product offers a color-changing retrofit for existing full-size Source Four ellipsoidal/profile fixtures, bringing additive RGBA color-mixing, saturated washes, quick color changes and much more to Source Four.

A casual history of moving lights


Even before there was electricity, people were looking for ways to dim their stage lights. This sketch from 1650 shows the pulley mechanism used to lower cans over candles to dim the output from the flame. Technology has come a long way since this early sketch, but it’s clear that the ideas to...


ETC celebrates National Dog Day


With much of our staff still working from home, many ETC employees find themselves working with new officemates—except these ones have four legs and a tail. To celebrate our furry companions on National Dog Day, we’ve compiled a slideshow of some of our team’s friendly helpers. To all of our...


ETC Lights Taipei 101 with French-style Elegance


Recognized as the world’s tallest building in 2004, Taipei 101 is the landmark building of Taiwan. The building recently created a French-themed art installation in the 4/F atrium, featuring an exquisitely designed garden in the style of Monet. ETC’s Source 4WRD II was selected to light up this...


LED Q&A with Tom Littrell


As a part of our Study Hall educational efforts, we’ve been hosting Instagram Story Q&A’s with ETC experts over the past few months. With so many questions coming in from our amazing followers, it’s simply not possible to get to them all in a day, or within the confines of an Instagram S0



When lighting class goes virtual


How do you teach lighting design without any lights? Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, educators around the world have had to quickly and creatively shift their classes online. One such story comes from Clemson University in South Carolina, where lighting instructor Tony Penna faced a conundrum...


Top educational guest-blogger series


We’re lucky to have so many intelligent people in this industry with an aptitude and willingness to teach. Over the past couple of years, many of these people – lighting designers, programmers, and researchers have given their time to help explain some of the industry’s trickiest topics.


ETC and High End fixtures together in La Jolla

 The 2017 closure and eventual demolition of the Sherwood Auditorium in San Diego could have dealt a fatal blow to the La Jolla Music Society who had been its tenants since 1986. “It was a huge shock,” recalled Christopher Beach, the society’s president and CEO, “We had no place to call our own.”...

ETC Lands at Phoenix Airport


When Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (billed as “America’s Friendliest Airport”) was looking to replace its aging control system, they recognized the legendary products and services ETC had supplied to the theme park business and decided to apply them to the airport.


ColorSource revitalizes the legendary TD Garden


Home to both the Boston Bruins and the Boston Celtics, TD Garden - is bustling with sporting events and concerts throughout the year. Recently, the arena has been turning heads with a massive, two-year expansion currently underway. As part of its renovation, the Garden...


Happy Valentine’s Day from ETC


What better way to share your love than with some printable Valentine’s Day cards from ETC? We’ve gone through over 100 punny suggestions from our fun-loving team to give you the best and brightest printable cards for the holiday.


fos/4 panel light launches into the studio market


In 2016, a dedicated research team was formed at ETC to advance the technology of future product offerings. The team’s first primary project was to create the best light for use on camera. The findings from this multi-year, industry-wide study on color perception come together in the family of...


ETC Student Sponsorship: Where are they now?


This year, ETC celebrated its 20th year of sponsoring eager students at the legendary LDI tradeshow. Sparked by late CEO Fred Foster’s passion for helping the next generation of lighting designers, the program aims to give students a leg up in their careers by connecting them with top-tier...


2019 in review: ETC’s top 10 blog posts


Ready for some hindsight in 2020? We couldn’t let the new year start without cracking that joke or looking back at our “best of” content from 2019. In the last year, we had a lot to discuss, from lighting tips to ETC culture. Check out our most-read blog posts from the last year to make sure...


Eos feels the love in Freestyle Love Supreme


The Eos control system has proven itself as a favorite in Broadway theatres for its consistency and reliability, but what happens to the lighting design when a Broadway show is based primarily on improvised action?


LDI 2019: Lighting for every stage


Augment3d demos, new automated fixtures, and a giant lighting rig made LDI 2019 a show to remember. Spanning across two booths, ETC and High End Systems paired up on the exhibition floor to show complete lighting solutions for every stage and every show. Here is a roundup of just some of the...


Industrial Design at ETC


As ETC expands, so does its workforce. Over the past five years, the company has nearly doubled the number of employees around the world. This means more assemblers, engineers, custodians, developers, marketers, factory planners, and shippers. So many interesting and intelligent people come...


CUE 2019 – An interview with Anastasia Krikunova


For the 2019 edition of ETC’s CUE conference, students and young lighting designers / programmers were able to apply for sponsorships to attend. This year, Anastasia Krikunova from Moscow, Russia was selected to attend the professional development conference held at ETC’s headquarters in...


ETC and George to the Rescue

Over the course of ten seasons on the air, George to the Rescue has transformed more than 100 spaces and lives with their generous renovations. Teaming up with sports figures, role models, philanthropists, and contractors, George Oliphant, a New York-based contractor, tackles everything from...
Source Four

Feel the power at ETC


When you manufacture some of the highest voltage power racks in the world, how do you go about safely testing their load limits? With a monstrosity of lighting fixtures and miles of cables.


Relevé Spot – the world of additive color mixing


We’ve mentioned additive color mixing time and time again, but what do we really mean and how is it different than subtractive mixing? To help demonstrate what happens with additive and subtractive mixing systems, we asked our advance research group and our industrial design team here at ETC to...


Lights, Consoles… and all that Jazz


Winner of six Tonys, two Oliviers, one Grammy, two Baftas and six Academy Awards, Chicago is the longest-running musical revival in Broadway history and ETC was selected to light the show for its International Tour 2018-2019.


Lighting up the future


In this guest blog post, LDI Student Sponsorship recipient, Mari-Riin Paavo shares her experience in the United States learning from some of the industry’s brightest luminaries.


Santa Monica City Hall shows off its pride with ETC


In keeping with its reputation as one of the most liberal, diverse cities in the country, it is no surprise that Santa Monica, Calif. wanted to light its City Hall in rainbow colors for Pride Month. And it’s no surprise that ETC architectural controls were at the heart of City Hall’s new look.


15 minutes of fame on the ETC marquee


Many of us dream of having our name up in lights and when you work at or visit ETC that becomes a very real possibility! International guests, fundraiser events, conferences, and college rivals all have a shot at getting their names on the ETC marquee. Milestone birthdays, retirements, and major...


CUE 2019 – a weekend to remember


This was definitely a CUE to remember. Our pre-console training attendees made it into Madison on Wednesday with little issue, but that was one of the only predictable events over the next couple of days. Storms blew through the Midwest on Wednesday and Thursday causing flight after flight to be...


LED FAQs (Part 5): CCT


In this series, we discuss some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about LEDs. Today, Color Technology Specialist Wendy Luedtke introduces CCT and Duv and what they mean in the world of LED fixtures.


Thinking inside the box as we grow at ETC


It’s been a season of growth and change at ETC. The Orlando office moved into a new space last September. The LA office moved into a new space in March. ETC France, our newest office, is up and running in Paris. There are also plans for updates to the Germany and UK offices in the coming years as...


A renovation 100 years in the making for The Muny


As the largest outdoor musical theatre in the United States, The Muny amphitheater in Forest Park, MO has been entertaining St. Louis-area audiences since 1919. This summer, as it embarks on its second century of shows, it looks forward to showing off a brand new lighting control system thanks to...


Relevé Spot – color that moves you


ETC has always valued color. In fact, we geek out on color so much around here that we’ve given a name to all of the stuff that goes into high-quality color creation: Color Integrity. With the launch of our most recent LED fixture, Relevé Spot, we thought it was the perfect time to take a deep...


Eos Cheat Sheet


With so many hotkeys and features available within Eos consoles, it can be challenging to keep up with all of the helpful shortcuts at your fingertips. In recent months, we have been sharing handy Eos software tips on ETC’s Twitter feed, using the hashtag #EosTechTips. To provide an easy...

Source 4WRD

Earth Day: ETC Style


In 1969 a massive oil spill destroyed the coastline of Santa Barbara, California. In response, Gaylord Nelson, a US Senator from Wisconsin, was inspired to harness and redirect the energy of the young adults who, at the time, were protesting the Vietnam War. He knew that if he could get that same...


Tradeshow Talk – Prolight + Sound 2019


We packed our bags once again and flew to Frankfurt for Prolight + Sound 2019! Together with High End Systems, we set ourselves up in the new Hall 12.1, across four stands. With tens of thousands of visitors passing through the exhibition, we were in for a busy week… here are some of our...


ETC brings light to Tree of Codes


The opening program of the New Vision Arts Festival 2018, Tree of Codes, opened in October of 2018 at the Grand Theatre of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. ETC was delighted to help bring this fascinating performance to Hong Kong audiences.


ETC introduces new support article system


ETC is excited to introduce a new Knowledge Management Site (KMS), providing technical solutions that are both faster and more robust than our previous support article system. With the ability to capture questions in real time, ETC Tech Services can now get answers out more quickly to help others...


Sending Multiple Postcards


For the advanced users out there wanting to refine their knowledge on OSC, this latest installment of the Exploring the Network series is written specifically for you.


LED FAQs (Part 1): What is LED binning?


In this series, we’ll touch on some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about LEDs. The insights in parts 1 and 2 are brought to you by ETC’s Outreach and Training Specialist Tom Littrell. Stay tuned for more from Color Specialist Wendy Luedtke in parts 3 and 4. 

ColorSource Spot

CYC Buyer’s Guide – Video


We here at ETC get a lot of questions about which cyc light to choose. (They’re all so great and honestly, it’s like asking to pick our favorite child!) We’ve found that it’s not a simple question to answer because there are a number of factors that play into the decision. It’s about your hanging...


Exploring the Network: OSC Connections


This is the second article explaining Open Sound Control (OSC) in a series titled Exploring the Network written by field service engineer and programmer Sam Smallman. In today’s article we will explore connecting two devices together and communicating via OSC. Whilst this article could be thought...


Warm thank you from all of us


On behalf of everyone at ETC, I would like to express our sincere gratitude for the outpouring of love and sympathy over the loss of our beloved leader Fred Foster. The Foster family is also an intimate part of ETC and they too are grateful for your support in this difficult time. Your stories of...


2018 in review: ETC’s 10 most read blog posts


With 2019 underway, we’re taking a moment to put our “best of” content from last year in the spotlight. In 2018, we had many meaningful conversations about topics such as LED technology, OSC, Eos tools, ETC culture, and more. Catch up on our 10 most popular blog posts from 2018, and stay tuned...


ETC boards the Polar Express


When guests arrived at the train platform for a ride on The Polar Express this holiday season, they knew they were in for a magical evening — but chances are they never thought about the technical challenges that come with mounting a show on a moving train …

Source Four LED

Irideon Fixtures Make Shark Tank Shine


Network reality shows have a varied life expectancy – many fall straight into the ‘What were they thinking?’  bin, others drift into the ‘Oh, yes I vaguely remember that’ halfway house of falling ratings, while a few are good for the lighting industry but collapse under the weight of their own...


Keep your ETC system afloat after heavy storms


When a hurricane strikes, the strong storms often cause nasty electrical interferences, failures, brown outs, spikes, and more. To be extra prepared in your theatre, house of worship, business center, or wherever you happen to use ETC equipment, we recommend backing up and saving your show files...


ETC lights Starbucks in Shanghai


Starbucks opened a new Reserve Roastery in Shanghai in December 2017. Situated in the city center of one of the busiest cities in China, the Shanghai shop is not only the second Starbucks Reserve Roastery in the world but also the world’s largest Starbucks location.


Light and Color in Storytelling


Following a successful European tour, the science exhibition “experienceCOLOUR” opened in the UK for the first time – running throughout September to mid-October at the Glasshouse Arts Center in Stourbridge.


Focuspoint – Going solo in Estonia


Focuspoint is an ETC dealer in Estonia – and if the company name looks familiar, it’s because it was taken from a knob on the ETC Expression. As his company name suggests, founder Kalle Karindi runs a tight operation. “I am a one-man company with no plans to expand,” he laughs.


ETC, Edinburgh and Eddy!


Every year, the largest arts festival in the world takes over Edinburgh in August, and this time, ETC Ltd made the trip to Scotland to be on hand for all technical service queries. Our friendly field service engineers, Chris and Dan, were onsite throughout the busy month offering training and...


Lighting up Cherry Blossom season with High End Systems


Each year, springtime in Japan brings the much awaited, spectacular display of cherry blossoms. The iconic pink blooms are anticipated by the entire nation and five years ago, High End Systems dealer Ushio Lighting Inc. saw an opportunity and proposed the idea to illuminate the cherry trees in...


A recipe to master: LED color mixing


There’s no doubt about it—LEDs are shaking up the industry as we know it. There is a lot to be excited about as venues make the transition from tungsten light sources to LED. One of the largest areas of impact is color capabilities.


Why your color picker lies to you…


Every other summer in Madison, WI, ETC hosts a week-long event of classes, networking, and fun for our dealers and reps.  The keynote presentations this year included an interview with Fred Foster by The Lumen Brothers, as well as an insightful look into color perception by industry consultant,...


Henry IV and the Source IV’s


As Tom Hanks shimmies into a fat suit for his first Los Angeles stage performance as Sir John Falstaff, lighting technicians Curtis Scheu and Ken Berry sit at an ETC Ion and run a final channel check for the opening of Henry IV. Performed in the sylvan setting of the Japanese Gardens at the West...


Safety is a go in ETC’s factory


If you’ve been to ETC’s Middleton headquarters, you have already seen our entertainment lighting in action in what we fondly call Town Square. Wander deeper into the building, and you’ll find an equally impressive display of our architectural lighting in the factory.


ETC’s History Told Through T-Shirts

Italian fashion designer Donatella Versace once said, “The suit does not represent the businessman anymore. Nor does the loud shirt represent the rock star. The same man can now wear both.”


Secrets of ETC’s Town Square


Walk into ETC’s Middleton headquarters and the first feature that will catch your eye is our marquee. Designed to emulate a theatrical city street, ETC’s Town Square provides a spectacular space to convene for meetings, mingle over lunch, and welcome visitors.

Since its creation in 1975, ETC has grown into an international leader in events lighting technology. From control consoles and rigging hoists, to architectural lighting and fixtures, ETC provides the theatre and architectural industries with innovative solutions and products.