Theatre Tattoos Around the Industry

In an industry centered on the arts, it's no surprise that we've come across some amazing theatre tattoos and lighting themed ink over the years. Here, we've gathered tattoo submissions and stories from our fans. Thank you to everyone who contributed. We're inspired by you and your artists' creativity!

Spotlights & flowersTheatre Tattoos 1

Five-pin XLRTheatre Tattoos 2

XLR 5pin tattoo submitted by Lanskaya-Galimon Elizaveta (@lonskayal), tattoo by @mercury_and_ink

Skeletons at work

ETC tattoos 2 update

A splash of colorTheatre Tattoos 4-1

Source Four diagramsTheatre Tattoos 5

  • Submitted by Cheralynn Yeo, tattoo by @ilwolhongdam
  • Submitted by Jesse Barone, tattoo by Julian Louis (@julianlouistattoo)
  • Submitted by Noah Abrams (@noah.b.aa)
  • Submitted by Tracy Abercrombie: "I got this Source Four tattoo because it was the first theatrical equipment/light that I worked with back in high school tech drama and continues to be the most common fixture I work with in theatre and as an ETC authorized service provider with LCS."
  • Submitted by @sedemminut, Tattoo by
  • Submitted by Clifford Spulock (@cslightingdesign), tattoo by @daveycxc of @sogtattoos
  • Submitted by Franklin Krzyzewski, Tattoo by Vanessa of Ink Buster Tattoo (@pmubyvanessa)

Check out the video of Cheralynn's tattoo below!

Lamp tattoosTheatre Tattoos 6

Time for a close up!Theatre Tattoos 7

  • Submitted by Pamela López (@le_pam639), tattoo by Iván Cabrera (@inkvan.tattoos)
  • Submitted by Amara Payton McNeil (@mrtripl3a), tattoo by Red at Redink Tattoo Studio (@redinktattoo76): "Here’s a few different lights some of my fellow LDs and I got. We’re all students in the Fordham Theatre Program"
  • Submitted by Quentin J. Mariano (@theatrewolf)

Fixtures and botanicalsTheatre tattoos 8

More Source Four loveTheatre tattoos 9

Theatre tattoos 10

Submitted by Dirk Gnebner (@vtler), tattoo by @zumschwarzenanker

Focus on lightingTheatre Tatoo 11

Submitted by Chris Gardner (, tattoo by Sean Amlie (@seanamlie_tattoo)
"The banner has a quote from my tech mentor that passed away in 2020:

'Here's to us
Who's like us
Damn few
And they're dead'
-Dan Drew

  • Submitted by Neil Foulis: "Mine represents the mix of technology and light that is my career. And the lines stretching towards my hand represent the fact I use my hands as a programmer to shape the light. I'm now the Chief Electrician at the Theatre Royal in Glasgow. But also still work as a freelance lighting programmer, obviously on Eos!"
  • Submitted by Stefan Didizian (L2/systems tech for Tame Impala): "Gotta have some Hog love"

A handy reminderTheatre Tattoos 12

And finally, a "self inflicted tattoo as a reminder of stage directions" submitted by Andrew Bragg (@chillemdafoe)

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