Workshop Lite 2021 a Success


This continues to be a disruptive year for our industry, but thankfully, with technology being what it is, we did not have to forego the much-loved summer conference for our ETC dealers and reps. Workshop took a modified virtual platform for the second year in a row, but attendance was high, letting us know that this is an industry that is itching to get up and running again.


 “Out of the pandemic in the early 20th century came the roaring 20s. And I think we will see another roaring 20s in this decade. While 2020 served as a setback, it did not stop us in our tracks. Our employee-owners are invested in the future of the company and our spirit is fierce.”  -David Lincecum, ETC VP of Marketing

The pair of two-day events was branded as Workshop Lite because of their abbreviated schedules, more focused class offerings, and limited outside networking and social activities.

  • Workshop Lite-Americas took place June 8-9 and had 600 people register for the eight classes and multiple smaller meet-ups.
  • Workshop Lite-International took place June 22-23 and had nearly 400 attendees register for 14 classes in three different languages.

It was a great conference, but it goes without saying that we’re already looking forward to next year when we’re planning on meeting in person again.

ETC Town Square

“People are ready to live, laugh, and dance… we are going to see a surge and demand for entertainment, events, travel, leisure, cultural gatherings, and the arts. ETC will fuel this renaissance with products that are ground-breakingly brilliant in color and control solutions that give users access to this new artistic palette.” -David Hilton, Senior US Sales Manager

Closing remarks for the international event came from Desmond Yim, Sales Manager ETC Asia, Darren Beckley, Sales Manager ETC Ltd., and Klaus Althoff, Sales Manager ETC GmbH (Germany) and echoed the sentiment of the US.

“As we look to the future, we feel excited about the pandemic recovery and look forward to the cultural boom that it will bring.” – Desmond Yim

If you’re missing ETC headquarters, or haven’t ever had the chance to visit, we have the next best thing. Our video team and favorite tour guide, Rick Wolff, put together this virtual 360-degree tour.

We encourage you to check it out on YouTube!



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