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We’re lucky to have so many intelligent people in this industry with an aptitude and willingness to teach. Over the past couple of years, many of these people – lighting designers, programmers, and researchers have given their time to help explain some of the industry’s trickiest topics.

Here is a roundup of some of our favorite and most informative guest-blogger series.


Nick Gonsman Console

Out of Control

This is a four-article series from our New York Field Project Coordinator,  Nick Gonsman. Gonsman sheds light on aspects of the theory and practice of entertainment lighting control.

This series can be found here and includes:

  • Magic Sheets- to display or control
  • Cue transitions and LEDs
  • Locked and absolute palettes
  • Navigating with magic sheets



This mini-series includes two articles that cover MIDI and SMPTE and were written by lighting designer Roman Vakulyuk and then translated into English.

Click here to read both: 

  • It’s about time!: How SMPTE works
  • MIDI Show Control and MIDI note

Sam Smallman Network


Exploring the Network

The next series breaks down the complex world of networking and was written by guest blogger, ETC field service engineer, and programmer, Sam Smallman.

Read the articles here




In this series of articles, Color Technology Specialist Wendy Luedtke and Outreach and Training Specialist Tom Littrell cover some of the most common questions asked when it comes to LED technology.

Read the LED FAQs here

Cory Pattak design

Eos Programming

If you’re an EOS programmer, you won’t want to miss this series of articles from guest blogger, New York City-based Lighting Designer, Cory Pattak.

Click here to read more about:

  • Magic Sheets and Pixel Maps
  • Effects, Submasters, Presets, Groups, Macros
  • Patch, Color Palettes, Beam Palettes
  • Why build a template file?

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