ETC illuminates Nantong Grand Theatre

Nantong Grand Theatre is a signature landmark that was newly established in 2021. It is the largest project invested in by the China government in an effort to boost art and cultural development in Nantong of the Jiangsu Province. The theatre is situated in the city center, a central hub for innovative businesses.

The theater was designed by the late master architect Paul Andreu who was also the chief architect of the National Centre for the Performing Arts in China. The magnificent architecture was designed with the theme of “An Instrumental Mountain with Pearly Waters” featuring five shining flower petals shimmering on Zilang Lake.


The modern cultural hub reaches 57 meters high, with two floors underground and seven above. The theatre takes up 111,000 square meters and houses five main venues, including an opera house, a concert hall, a drama hall, a children's theatre, and a multipurpose function hall.



Nantong Grand Theatre is equipped with ETC gear, including controls, lighting fixtures, dimmers, and a networking system. Two sets of versatile, yet compact, GIO @5 consoles with 4K output are installed in the multipurpose function hall to provide a reliable controlling experience for different events and occasions. The venue owner also picked Ion XE 20 with 2K output for the concert hall and the children’s theatre. All ETC consoles run on the same Eos system, so users can enjoy an identical and seamless operating experience no matter which venue they are controlling. “Our team was impressed by the powerful magic sheet functionality because Eos makes programming, control, and playback much easier than before,” the venue owner commented.


Source Four LED Series 2 Lustr with CYC adapters equip the Opera House, lighting up the stage and creating a beautiful, mood-enhancing effect. Additional Source Four LED luminaires were selected for the concert hall, drama hall, and other venues in the Nantong Grand Theatre.

Thanks to the addition of a lime-green LED emitter in ETC's x7 Color System, the unique LED array increases the lumen output in open white and lighter tints. It also broadens the range of color rendering in the red and blue ends of the color spectrum, so that brighter and livelier colors can be created for professional opera performances which require a high standard of lighting effects. The venue owner was amazed by the nuance and vivid colors attributed to the unique LED array created by ETC.


Nantong5 Nantong6


Nantong10To provide stable and reliable dimming control for the renowned art and cultural hub, Sensor3 Power Control system with ThruPower modules is used. This system is able to manage the power of all types of lighting fixtures installed including incandescent, moving light, LED circuits, switched loads, motor loads, and constant circuits. Concert software is the operating system for Sensor3 and provides a clear picture of real-time power status of all the equipment. Stage managers can make any necessary adjustments to the brightness quickly and effectively.

Excellent network infrastructure supports the best operation of the theatre. ETC’s Response Mk2 DMX Gateway was selected and successfully provides stable, reliable, and lightning-fast DMX and RDM data distribution for the lighting network. The plug-and-play and easy-to-use platform ensures smooth and efficient performance on all the stages.

ETC is proud to provide comprehensive lighting technology and enhance the lighting quality for all the professional and international performances in the Nantong Grand Theatre.

About Nantong Grand Theatre
Nantong Grand Theater is located in the innovation hub of the center of Nantong city, with Tongsheng Avenue in the east, Zilang Lake in the west, Nantong Art Museum in the south, and Tonghu Avenue in the north.
Opera Hall: There are 1,532 audience seats in the Opera Hall, equipped with professional stage lifting and rotating equipment, the setting is specially designed for international repertoire, large-scale conferences, celebrations, and other activities.
Concert Hall: It has an 1185-seat capacity, and the audience area is designed with a valley terrace structure. The hall is also equipped with a Rieger’s pipe organ imported from Austria.
Drama Hall: The 599-seated hall is equipped with a lifting and revolving stage to meet the needs of performances, helping Nantong to build the city image of "Hometown of Drama".
Children's Theater: A performance space with a total of 250 seats, and the stage adopts a stretched design.
Multipurpose Function Hall: The stage can be disassembled which is suitable for organizing different performances or events.

Address: Nantong Grand Theater, No. 68 Hudong Road, Chongchuan District, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, China.

Photo credit: Nantong Grand Theater and Hangzhou YiDaShi Technology Development Co., Ltd.

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