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Over the course of ten seasons on the air, George to the Rescue has transformed more than 100 spaces and lives with their generous renovations. Teaming up with sports figures, role models, philanthropists, and contractors, George Oliphant, a New York-based contractor, tackles everything from community centers and backyard playgrounds to schools and homes for those who have been impacted by hardships in their lives.

George OliphantIn an episode set to air November 11th, George heads to the Bloomingdale School of Music in Harlem, NY. This school hosts over 600 students and families each week through classes, lessons, and the free concert series. The school was started in the basement of the West End Presbyterian Church by organist David Greer in 1964. By 1966 enrollment reached 500 and in 1972 the music school moved to its current location on 108th street giving enough room for its roster of 1000 students at that time.

Community support

When ETC was approached by New York-based theatrical consultant, Charcoalblue asking if we would be interested in donating gear to help with the installation of the new performance space, we, of course, said yes.

Bloomingdale School of Music ETC
Bloomingdale School of Music

Installing technician, Sam Updike with At Full Lighting says, “The plan is that this will be a multi-functional performance space, where the performance and the audience can be set up anywhere. ETC Echo is controlling both the performance and the house lighting, with both dimming LEDs on track light, as well as RGB curtain splash fixtures.”

There is a main EchoTouch touchscreen so the end-users can set all light levels for the individual stage lights and the house lighting zones. These can be saved into presets that can then be recalled from various button stations located by each of the doors. Using ETC DataTrack, the end-users can move the ETC Irideon FPZ fixtures in the space and still maintain control over them.


A heartfelt congratulations to the Bloomingdale School of Music in Harlem on your new space and a big thank you to Jon Sivell with Charcoalblue, Nick Emerick from The Dulanski Group, and Sam Updike for donating your time and resources to this project.

If you’re in the New York area you can tune in to NBC New York Channel 4 to see the full story on November 11 at 7:00pm.

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