A console with extra fluff: Eos Apex body pillow

Eos Apex consoles offer the luxury of complete control, engineered for your comfort. But then we thought – what if we made them even more comfortable? Meet the Eos Apex body pillow. Nearly spanning the width of the flagship Eos Apex 20 console, this body pillow provides peak comfort to programmers on jobs, at home, or on the go.

Eos Apex body pillow

You’ll never meet a softer console

The Eos Apex consoles give you a soft surface at the heart of your programming keypad. Well, on the Eos Apex pillow, all surfaces are soft surfaces! And, the generous, screen-printed displays are nearly the same size as those on the Eos Apex 10. They may not be multitouch, but they’re definitely nice to touch! Not to mention, Augment3d looks great on these things.

Eos Apex pillow

USB more comfortable than ever before

Eos Apex consoles have USB-A and -C ports throughout the desk to help you charge your devices, but the Eos Apex pillow is designed to help YOU recharge after a long day of tech. With the Apex pillow, you can endlessly customize your sleep surface. The pillow articulates on infinite axes, providing the perfect setup for any nap. And it’s incredibly portable, so you can take it with you on the road.  Say goodbye to that boring old travel pillow and show up on your flight with this beauty adorning your neck.

Eos Apex consoles

A pillow companion that’s ultra compatible

A console is just one part of your lighting system. The Eos Apex pillow is compatible with all other ETC and third-party pillows, allowing for endless expansion. Warning: Don’t bring a Source Four pillow to an Eos Apex pillow fight.

cute dog

Fur- and drool-resistant

Okay, it’s not really fur- and drool-resistant (Is any black fabric? We’d love to know.) BUT, your pets will love it, guaranteed.

drool-resistant pillow

Because we know you’ll ask…

Although we don’t actually have an Eos Apex body pillow for purchase (yet!), you can find the Source Four pillow at our online shop. 

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