Dave Young Receives IES Presidential Award

Dave Young, ETC’s Architectural Regional Manager – West, received the Illuminating Engineering Society’s Presidential Award. The award recognizes Young’s hard work to keeping the annual IES conference a success “during unprecedentedly difficult times.” Fittingly, the award was presented at the recent IES conference in Schaumberg, IL.

“I’m grateful for the award – but also very grateful to have been of service,” says Young. “The IES is a crucial part of the lighting industry and I’m happy to help support it and ensure it continues. But maybe next time we could skip the havoc of a world-wide shutdown.”

Since January of 2020, Young has been the Annual Conference Committee Chair for IES. In that position he negotiated a pandemic, a shift to a fully online conference, and subsequent travel and gathering restrictions that were still felt at this year’s conference. With the successful completion of the 2023 conference, Young will now serve as an advisory member to the IES Conference Committee for the 2024 season.

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Jacob Coakley
Jacob joined ETC at the beginning of 2017. A former magazine editor, Jacob is a long veteran of the theatER/theatRE wars and Oxford Comma skirmishes. He trained as an actor in New York, a sound designer in San Francisco, and as a writer everywhere. At ETC he helps with the Architectural; Dimming, Power & Switching; and Networking product lines. Currently splitting time between LA and Las Vegas, Jacob is nevertheless researching the best cheese shops in Wisconsin for his next trip back to HQ.