ETC 2022 Curtain Call: Our year in review

Before we fade out on 2022, ETC is taking a look back on the highlights from the year. Check out the complete list below for some of this year's biggest moments and a couple of fun stats along the way.

5 fan favorites from the all-new blog


This year, we updated the ETC blog with an all-new look! Since the revamp, here are you top five most-loved blog posts.

  1. Theatre Tattoos Around the Industry
  2. A Quick Definition of Color Temperature and CCT
  3. Navigating Power Dynamics for Assistant Lighting Designers
  4. What Are Metamers and Why Do they Matter?
  5. Color Metrics Explained with Lustr X8 Fixtures

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Double the excitement with 2 live product launch events



You joined us live for not one, but two product launch events this year. We introduced Eos Apex, a new flagship line of Eos consoles, ColorSource V, the new and improved generation of affordable ColorSource fixtures, and Halcyon, the best-in-class family of automated framing luminaires.

9 learning opportunities from CUE 2022


In February, we hosted the global CUE conference for end users all online! Classes covered topics ranging from getting started with Augment3d to the often overlooked benefits of LED technology. If you missed this year's CUE, you can catch up on 9 of the sessions on our public YouTube playlist.

Your #1 product demo request

Halcyon_Sylvee_100 (1)

The brand-new Halcyon was the top-requested product demo of 2022. At its brightest, Halcyon is capable of producing more than 70,000 lumens. As for color, each Halcyon fixture has a tighter, next-generation gradient for smooth and even color, both in and out of focus, for complete linear saturation. And Halcyon features an all-new package of a dozen patterns across two wheels, delivering an expanded library of aerials, rotational effects, breakups, diffusion, and prisms. You can request a Halcyon demo here.

8 most-watched YouTube videos


In addition to our live launch events, ETC fans perused our YouTube channel for plenty of other content. From product overview videos to the Eos learning series, here are the top most-watched videos from the year.

  1. ETC Cyberlight LED
  2. Eos - Patch by Channel
  3. Eos Apex Hardware Overview
  4. ETC ColorSource Console Demo
  5. Eos Family Video Learning Series Intro 
  6. ETC fos/4 Fresnel
  7. Eos - Introduction to Effects
  8. ETC Desire Fresnel

Upping your skills at 157 in-person training events

Hog Console Training

We hosted 157 in-person training classes in total across multiple locations on the map. And we're adding more in 2023! Head to the training section of our website to find upcoming console training opportunities near you. And don't forget about the LearningStage platform for our catalog of online educational resources.

Kicking off our Factory Clearance sale with 165 items


In the newly launched Factory Clearance section of our online shop, users can directly buy lightly used gear. Throughout 2022, we listed 165 total Factory Clearance items across our regional shops. Check out the options available by visiting the North America shop, the UK shop, and the EU shop.

And a Road Hog 4 running lights on our festive tree!

Road Hog 4 With Tree

We brought extra spirit to the North addition at ETC's HQ with a colorful light show on this tree. Wishing you all a happy and bright new year from ETC!


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