Meet the Orlando Office


When you walk into the Orlando office, you’re greeted by a barn wood-wrapped front desk, a few comfy chairs, and the smiling face of the lovely Amy Poole. The environment is laid back professional, just like the corporate culture encourages it to be. Add in the frenetic energy of High End Systems and the humid salty air, and you’ve found an office like none other.


Orlando High End Demo

In 2018 our Orlando team moved into this new space, just a few blocks down the street from their former building. A building that was barely big enough for three offices. That, however, is no longer the case.

The current office is home to a demo/loan center, dedicated training rooms, and the High End Systems showcase space. This showcase space has been known to host a private acoustic concert or two when regional sales manager, Rob is warming up for a gig, or just taking a break from the hustle of the Orlando scene.


The Orlando Scene

Each of the ETC offices is uniquely and intentionally positioned to cater to a different subset of our customer base. New York is theatre, Burbank is film, Austin is live music, and Orlando? All theme parks, all the time. With some of the best-known theme parks, just a few minutes’ drive from the office, it’s no wonder that talk of roller coasters, castles, and parades are commonplace.

With ten large theme parks and a handful of smaller ones, there is a lot to keep our ETC Orlando team busy.  And we have gear at all of them!

But that’s not all

While ETC has an entire team dedicated to designing and executing the systems for these theme parks, the Orlando team also covers the entire southeast region. From Tennessee south, and Louisiana east – our sales team is always traveling. That is unless they are conducting a training or workshop in the office. With Orlando being one of the top family vacation destinations in the nation, and flights cheaper than New York or LA, popping over to Florida for a family vacation and a console training session might need to make it on your bucket list.

Orlando Training Room

If you’re in the area, we encourage you to check out our Orlando office and all it has to offer. It won’t be long before the in-office trainings, events, and jam sessions are back in full swing.

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