Open house in Korea – A wonderful party with a stunning light show

It was such a wonderful time to meet our friends and customers in person during the open house event held from June 29 to July 1 in Seoul, organized by C&C Lightway, our very supportive dealer for the Korean market.

The 3-day event was well received by over 200 people. Beer and beverages served at the event added a touch of celebration and made the open house event like a party. Participants enjoyed the day with stunning light shows and insightful product sharing hosted by the C&C team.

Here are some of the highlights of this successful event.


The stunning light show and Eos Apex:

Programmed by YS Choi, an experienced console user of C&C Lightway, the light show was a good way to show the best performance of High End Systems Lonestar, SolaPix, and Talen fixtures. The show was programmed on an Eos Apex 10, the much-anticipated signature console that was newly launched in early 2022. Participants were fascinated by the Apex console and amazed by its new functions. They got hands-on experience with Apex at the event and explored how the powerful features enhance the future of fixture programming.

Apart from the light show, the C&C team conducted a seminar to further introduce the new Apex console with training sections. Participants enjoyed the excellence of Apex and learned tips on controlling this newly launched product.

Watch the replay of the light show! (Language: Korean)



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