Paolo Tizianel overcomes a console challenge

Paolo Tizianel, an esteemed lighting designer from Padua in northern Italy, has worked on dance and theatre shows for many years. No stranger to international touring, Paolo has been using ETC systems for more than a decade. On his travels, Paolo encounters a broad variety of technical equipment and is conscious of the challenges that can present.

The console challenge: from MA to Eos

Dance show SAGA
Marco D’Agostin’s “SAGA”

Earlier this summer, Paolo was recruited to work on a new dance show, SAGA, from the award-winning Italian artist Marco D’Agostin. “I work mainly in the field of prose and contemporary dance, which is why I’m often working abroad,” says Paolo. “Luckily for me, I’m finding more and more ETC consoles out there, but I recently found myself having to pick up a show that was about to debut at the Nouveau Théâtre de Montreuil in Paris,” he says. “It was programmed with grandMA, but I wanted to continue using Eos.”

ETC Italia to the rescue!

In addition to conventional fixtures, the lighting plan also included some moving heads that might have complicated the show file conversion, especially given the limited time available.

Paolo asked the Rome-based ETC Italia team for help. “In just a few days, they were able to take care of the conversion and return a file to me that was pretty much ready to use,” he says.
“As everyone involved in programming knows, each console follows its own – often very different – rules, not to mention that each programmer uses different paths to achieve the same effect,” continues Paolo. “Despite this, ETC sent me the ‘translated’ and fully functional files in just three or four days.”

The Rome-based ETC Italia Team
The ETC Italia Team

Paolo’s experience highlights the importance of not only having the right tools, but also timely and effective technical and after-sales assistance.

Indispensable service

“The guys from ETC in Rome really helped me out,” concludes Paolo. “Getting a show file 95% equal to the original one, and in such a short time, was a lifesaver for me. From now on, I consider the service they can offer to be indispensable.”


ETC’s Technical Service is unparalleled in the industry. With over 60 service employees worldwide, not to mention an extensive Authorized Service Center network, ETC is uniquely positioned to be able to help anywhere, anytime.

Find out how to access help with console challenges and more via the ETC website.

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