Architectural fixtures to give you a warm feeling

We've talked about color temperature in architectural applications before on this blog. Both in terms of what color temperature is and how human-centric lighting works with physiology to create environments that are well suited for their purpose. What we haven't talked about before is just how attached many people are to the "glow" of incandescent fixtures.

 Because incandescent fixtures emit light in all wavelengths, as the filament is dimmed it cools and the energy shifts to the red portion of the spectrum, resulting in a "warm" tone of light. This is important if you are trying to set a mood with your lighting -- or if you're trying to mix LED fixtures with incandescent ones.

Recent advances in LED technology have made it possible for venues and facilities to replace incandescent lighting with LED technology, while still maintaining smooth fade-to-zero dimming. However, one piece of the puzzle that was still missing for many incandescent lovers was the natural, warm decay that comes with incandescent dimming.


That’s why ETC introduced Fade to Warm technology to the ArcSystem family of LED retrofit solutions. With this option, ArcSystem solutions mimic the red-shift of an incandescent lamp as the lights fade out, maintaining the same classic look and feel that a venue is already accustomed to. This way, an audience would never know that a space has made the transition from incandescent house lighting to LED. Fade to Warm is available in ArcLamp, Pro One-Cell, Pro One-Cell Small, Pro Four-Cell Pendant and Round fixtures, and all Pro Multi-Cell ArcSystem luminaires.

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