Relevé Spot – Texture that moves you


We’ve talked about how much we geek out on color and how Relevé Spot’s color mixing system gave us a chance to really show you how serious we are about the quality of light in our luminaires.  Relevé Spot – Color that moves you

We’ve talked about the world of additive color mixing and how it relates to the perceived brightness of your fixtures. Relevé Spot – the world of additive color mixing.

But, as you know, there’s more to a fixture than the color mix and the brightness. When you design a show you need depth and texture that you can’t achieve with every fixture. You need frost and pattern. You need softness and shadow and dimension.

The magic happens on the inside

Although you can’t see it from the outside, Relevé Spot gives you exactly that. The unique Ani-gobo wheel is a custom-designed, laser-etched wheel that gives you an endless stream of patterns that flow seamlessly from one into the other.

Add in the five-position wheel, where each gobo can be swapped out for whatever pattern you want or need it to be, and you have a nearly endless stream of pattern and texture available for your stage. Perfect water effects, perfect fire effects, perfect whatever-you-can-imagine effects.



Beyond Texture

Relevé Spot is further enhanced by a smooth, controllable iris, an 18-54° zoom and the most perfectly subtle theatrical frost in the world. The incorporated Rosco 132 frost gives a flawlessly linear transition to a perfect light edge. Inspired by its brilliant and industry-leading color control, its texturing gives you the beautiful and precise colors your production requires even when you require a soft edge or choose to tweak the focus.

Want more information on what Relevé Spot can do for your space? Watch the full video here.

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