Theater Regensburg Gets a New Look with Halcyon

Theater Regensburg was looking for a powerful and bright solution when they decided to replace their halogen spotlights with LED. Martin Stevens, Head of Lighting at the German venue, noted, “You can’t do a one-to-one replacement with LEDs. But converting to LEDs has become essential. Additionally, modern moving lights offer many advantages that more than make up for any shortcomings when compared to halogen spotlights.”

Regensburg Theater Halcyon 2

In order to find the best possible LED moving light for the 520-seat house, Stevens had three fixtures from three premium brands compete against each other. The lighting team at the Regensburg Theater quickly decided that the strongest choice was High End Systems Halcyon Platinum.

“The Halcyon Platinum not only delivers extreme light output, but it also offers excellent performance with many effects and very good soft focus with framing, gobos, and triple frost. Those were important points.” The Platinum delivers 54,000 lumens in regular operation and a whopping 70,000 in Boost Mode. “We actually haven’t had to use Boost Mode yet. But it’s good to know that you still have reserves in case it’s needed,” says Stevens.

Regensburg Theater Halcyon 3

Much of the remainder of the lighting system also comes from ETC. In addition to the new Halcyons, ColorSource PAR, ColorSource Spot Deep Blue, Source Four LED Series 2 Lustr, Source Four LED Series 3 Daylight HD, fos/4 Fresnel, among others, ensure best-in-class light quality in the house, all controlled by an Eos Ti console.

In closing, Stevens says, “We are very satisfied. Thanks to the many effect possibilities of the Halcyon Platinum, we are once again pushing the boundaries of what is possible.”

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