Lighting fixtures (2)


PARbecue pizza

When I was a kid, the hottest toy (no pun intended) was an Easy-Bake Oven. I begged my parents incessantly for one. They finally gave in – probably because they got sick of hearing me talk about it – and got me one for my birthday.I couldn’t wait to whip up some culinary masterpieces.

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Forget the datasheet!

This article, written by ETC Entertainment Market Manager Luke Delwiche, first appeared in the Swedish Theatre Technology Association (STTF) magazine, proScen, in 2015. Luke wrote the article after talking to dozens of people who made purchasing decisions based on “white wall shootouts,” which...

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Art comes to life with Source Four Mini

The artist Gila Abutalebi is recognised for her Transparente Lyrik (transparent poetry) creations – revolutionary works of multi-dimensional art dedicated to letters of the alphabet. Gila had long searched for the perfect lighting to illuminate her unique designs, but it wasn’t until she met with...

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A liter of light

Here at ETC, we spend years developing products, in order to give you the most cutting-edge tools. We experience breakthrough after breakthrough as new technology is developed, and we celebrate the ways it will advance our industry.

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