Allison Suchon

ETC counts thousands of customers worldwide including theaters, restaurants, schools, performing arts centers, television studios, houses of worship, casinos, museums, theme parks, sporting arenas, and opera houses.


What’s in a name?

 Would a Source Four by any other name light so sweet? That’s the type of question that keeps some of us at ETC up all night. At some point in ETC’s 40 years of product manufacturing, you must have had a strong reaction to the name we chose for a new product, whether you absolutely loved it or...
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PARbecue pizza

When I was a kid, the hottest toy (no pun intended) was an Easy-Bake Oven. I begged my parents incessantly for one. They finally gave in – probably because they got sick of hearing me talk about it – and got me one for my birthday.I couldn’t wait to whip up some culinary masterpieces.

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A liter of light

Here at ETC, we spend years developing products, in order to give you the most cutting-edge tools. We experience breakthrough after breakthrough as new technology is developed, and we celebrate the ways it will advance our industry.

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