Suzhou Bay Cultural Center Shines with ETC

Suzhou Bay Cultural Center is located at the shore of Lake Tai in Suzhou of China, and adjacent to the Taihu New Town CBD. It is one of the signature development projects initiated by the city through the Wujiang Lakefront Masterplan. The 215,000 square-meter center consists of two wings, the...

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Behind-the-scenes: Angels in America


Tony Kushner’s multi-award-winning play, Angels in America recently made a triumphant return to the National Theatre in London, marking 25 years since its UK debut. In this post, Dan Murfin, lighting control manager for the National, talks us through the unusual shared control system behind this...

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Behind the Scenes of Camp CUE


CUE is a professional development conference organized by ETC every other summer. If you use ETC products in any capacity, this conference is for you. Designers, programmers, educators, students… there’s something for everyone.

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