VIA University College explores chroma keying with Source Four LED


For students interested in film, storytelling and fashion, VIA University College in Aarhus, Denmark is an international hub. VIA’s department of Film & Transmedia houses the professional bachelor program Multiplatform Storytelling and Production. Technical Coordinator Thomas Erland Pedersen was charged with creating a multi-purpose studio to cater for the diverse requirements of the students.

A flexible studio space

VIA University fashionFirst of all, Thomas wondered how he might make the studio as flexible as possible. For some purposes, including fashion photography, the space needed be white. However, green screen functionality was also essential. In addition, Thomas desired a simple solution that would allow for quick changeovers and could be delivered within budget. A thought struck him: “Has LED technology evolved to the point that we could have a completely white studio and the lighting alone could create a green screen for chroma keying?”

An unusual request

VIA StudioThomas approached ETC dealer Atendi A/S to help him find an answer to his question. Sales consultant Hans Henrik Schmidt hadn’t encountered such a request before. He thought it was an interesting idea they could explore together. “I already knew ETC’s Source Four fixtures would be powerful enough and capable of producing the exact shade of green required. But I couldn’t be sure the concept would work,” said Hans. Keeping an open mind, the pair created a mock-up using a white screen lit by Source Four LED Series 2 Lustr fixtures with CYC adaptors.

Overcoming skepticism

Despite initial skepticism, especially among colleagues involved in TV, the results spoke for themselves. The experiment was a resounding success! The arrangement would clearly be suitable for lighting a white space and creating a green screen environment. Furthermore, the fixtures’ x7 Color System allows for evocative color mixing, offering students endless possibilities for their projects.

VIA Studio Source Four LED fixtures

A perfect solution

In conclusion, the solution was a perfect fit for the department’s needs. Consequently, Thomas kitted out the new studio with 13 Source Four LED Series 2 Lustr fixtures with CYC adaptors. Finally, to complete the package, an Eos family console – an ETC Element 40 – was added. To achieve the desired effect for chroma keying, the basic setup is virtual color control adjusted to match Rosco Supergel #389 Chroma Green.

Check out the beginning of this video to see the console and fixtures in action…



When the designer is ready the fixture will appear

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