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You might not realize that, in addition to entertainment lighting and controls, ETC has been manufacturing architectural lighting solutions for decades. In fact, ETC offers multiple lines of architectural control designed to cater to venues of all sizes. As you might imagine, our architectural lighting systems are often found in theaters, controlling, for example, worklights, houselights, and lighting in foyer and bar areas. You might be more surprised to discover that our architectural products are also installed in museums, houses of worship and TV studios around the globe; on cruise ships; and in some of the world’s largest and most famous theme parks, providing park-wide control.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with our architectural solutions – but would like to know a little more – we have an introductory video to share with you. Filmed at the recent ISE tradeshow in Amsterdam, Graham Parker from our London office presents an overview of the visionary Unison® Paradigm® system from ETC, which fuses architectural lighting control advances with entertainment lighting control technology.

Graham Parker Paradigm video
Graham Parker demonstrates the flexibility and user-friendly interface of ETC’s Unison Paradigm lighting control system used in applications from office complexes to theme parks.

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Katherine Stamp
Katherine joined ETC in 2016 with a background in entertainment technology marketing. Although based out of the London office, she currently resides on the fringe of Sherwood Forest, famous for the legend of Robin Hood. Katherine enjoys traveling, reading, walking, theme parks and live music. She’s also a qualified hypnotherapist – but don’t let that scare you!