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Tony Stefani, Warren Mays of MPA

MPA: Hitting the right notes in Burbank

Written by Marshall Bissett ETC’S Southern California reps, Warren Mays and Tony Stefani of MPA Lighting and Controls are partial to musical analogies.  Outside their day jobs as ETC’s most prolific sales team in North America, both play […]

MIDI show

MIDI Show Control and MIDI note

By Roman Vakulyuk This is the second article in a series about synchronization and timecode translated into English. You can read the first article here. This article describes MSC and MIDI note protocols and how they can be […]

Bahari lit with Lustr+

Jeff Ravitz: Keeping it fresh

Written by Marshall Bissett Sometimes chance encounters turn into lifelong friendships and so it was for a young Jeff Ravitz. In the late ‘70s he was working with the Chicago band Styx and they had a show in […]

Dance FM

It’s about time!: How SMPTE works

This is the first post in a series of articles on synchronization and SMPTE written by lighting designer Roman Vakulyuk and translated into English: Any show or production can be divided into the content parts that make it […]