Why your color picker lies to you…


Every other summer in Madison, WI, ETC hosts a week-long event of classes, networking, and fun for our dealers and reps.  The keynote presentations this year included an interview with Fred Foster by The Lumen Brothers, as well as an insightful look into color perception by industry consultant, Mike Wood. If you’ve ever cursed at your console color picker because you felt it left too much to visual interpretation, you’ll enjoy the replay of Wood’s presentation, Why Your Color Picker Lies to You… no matter what ETC Might Say.




A recipe to master: LED color mixing

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Rachel Frederick
Rachel has worked with ETC since 2007. She takes advantage of the limited warm months in Wisconsin by participating in outdoor activities like camping, paddle boarding, kayaking, and riding waterslides. She has several gardens that she swears she’ll be able to keep up with someday. And she enjoys stretchy things like new socks, yoga, and taffy. She writes a lot, she reads a lot and she plays with her kids a lot.