There are a few questions facing ETC and HES, some more important than others...

Top Ten questions surrounding ETC’s acquisition of High End Systems

When ETC acquired High End Systems, we knew there were a lot of hard questions we had to tackle. Some of the questions turned out to be harder than others.

Here are 10 of what must absolutely be the most important questions facing the companies.

10) Will the Birkenstocks favored by the Wisconsin employees replace the cowboy boots in Austin, or will a compromise Birkenboot be designed to keep everyone happy?

9) Will anyone referring to pulled pork (in any form) as “Barbeque” be sent to HR?

8) Does ETC have to start a bat colony in Town Square?

7) Will the signature Whole Hog lighting console be re-christened “The Big Cheese”?

6) Will Wisconsin Brats now have to be made with the whole hog?

5) Will there be special tutorials to teach the Wisconsin employees the correct pronunciation and usage of “y’all,” “all of you,” and “all y’all”?

4) Will there be special tutorials to teach the Texas employees what a bubbler is and how to use it?

3) Will Madison or Austin be given the title “Home of Most Irritating Hipsters”?

2) When will ETC release their largest fixture ever, the Source Four Moonlight Tower?

1) Where will HES display the Green Bay Packers flag?


Questions suggested by Marshall Bissett and the whole ETC crew.

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