Color matching game refines your programmer skilz


ETC’s Hollywood office has been known to play a competitive, color-matching game with two Source Four LEDs. Pitting two programmers against each other in a fierce, timed battle for iridescent glory, this is a game that hones the skills of even the finest programmers and lighting designers.

Imagine the anguish and frustration as team after team comes so close (and often not so close) to matching a predetermined colored light.

Colored Light Matching Game

Interested in setting this up in your own office? Here’s how it works.


Set up an Eos-family console to control one Source Four LED Series 2 Lustr in QS General.

Set up two ColorSource consoles, each plugged into their own Source Four LED Series 2 Lustr.

Shine all three lights on a white wall, and box them off so they make three even strips just barely touching. The Eos-controlled Source Four LED should be in the middle.

ETC Color Match Game

Program the Eos-family console to cycle through five different colors, each holding for 30 seconds before it snaps to the next. After each of the five colors are shown, the fixture turns off.

Since deciding on a color match is so subjective, you’ll want to appoint a judge to make the final winner determination.

Time to play!

Two competitors each sit behind their respective console and race to match the middle Source Four LED color as it appears. Accuracy is the top priority; speed is the second.

Most of the time, I just put the ColorSource console’s Source Four LEDs in RGB mode.  That’s challenge enough for for even advanced programmers. – David Hilton, ETC product marketing manager

Want to make it more difficult? Set up round 1 in RGB mode, round 2 in HSI mode and round 3 in x7 mode.

We’ve even put together an Eos show file with premade colors to get you started. Download it here.


Play at home

What was the inspiration behind this fast-paced battle of Chroma?

This awesome online color-matching game created by Maria Munuera and Mark MacKay.

The world is getting more colorful by the minute… prove you have what it takes to tame this chromatic beast!

Through six timed rounds of color matching, each increasingly more difficult, you’ll test your color-matching skills. Work through hue, saturation, complementary, analogous, triadic and tetradic color matching. End up with a score that you can share on social media for total Chroma Wizard Glory.

Color Match Game Wheel

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