What are metamers and why do they matter?

When executing a successful lighting design, the question of color is often considered near the end of the process, and in some ways, it seems to make sense. We first ask ourselves, what’s my budget? Which fixtures do I have? What are my hang positions? And then, finally, what color should those...

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2019 in review: ETC’s top 10 blog posts

Ready for some hindsight in 2020? We couldn’t let the new year start without cracking that joke or looking back at our “best of” content from 2019. In the last year, we had a lot to discuss, from lighting tips to ETC culture. Check out our most-read blog posts from the last year to make sure...

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A recipe to master: LED color mixing

There’s no doubt about it—LEDs are shaking up the industry as we know it. There is a lot to be excited about as venues make the transition from tungsten light sources to LED. One of the largest areas of impact is color capabilities.

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