Keep your ETC system afloat after heavy storms


When a hurricane strikes, the strong storms often cause nasty electrical interferences, failures, brown outs, spikes, and more. To be extra prepared in your theatre, house of worship, business center, or wherever you happen to use ETC equipment, we recommend backing up and saving your show files and lighting system configurations. A single USB flash drive and five minutes can save you a huge headache, lots of time, and potentially lost configurations/show files when it comes time to bringing everything back online after the storms have passed.

If heavy storms are coming your way, here is a checklist to run through to protect your configurations:

-Save your show files on your Console to a USB flash drive

  • EOS Console: Exit to Shell > Settings > Maintenance > Backup Show Archive (While you’re there, backing up System Settings wouldn’t be a bad idea!)
  • ColorSource Console: Setup > Files > Show Files > Export to USB
  • Congo/Cobalt: Exit to Shell > Settings > Utilities > Backup Show Archive

-Save your Dimming configurations to your USB flash drive

-Save your Architectural Control Processor configuration to your USB flash drive as well

We hope in the event of a hurricane, you and your equipment stay dry and more importantly safe. If you have any questions about how to protect your ETC system from inclement weather, our 24/7/365 technical support team is always available to help. You can find all contact information here.

Written by ETC technical support specialist Michael Vidal

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