The egg printer, a new way to decorate this season

The egg printer, a new way to decorate this season

This is the season for decorating eggs, and for good reason. Eggs symbolize new life, fertility, and rebirth in many cultures around the world. While the internet has no shortage of creative egg inspiration, most of us aren’t artistic (or patient) enough to pull off much more than a bit of vinegar and food coloring in an old mug.

This is why we were pretty excited when our friend Steve Welsh at Miami Stagecraft Inc. sent us a video of his egg printer at work.

“I made it for fun with my nephews. I happened to have the ETC logo handy and used it for testing. Thought my ETC friends would get a kick out of it!”  says Steve.


Looking to test out some more advanced egg decorating techniques? Check out this article showing off eggs from around the world.

Happy egg decorating from all of us at ETC!

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