ETC Intern Interview – Mathias Wolf

In March 2014, Mathias Wolf joined the Research & Development department at ETC GmbH in Holzkirchen, Germany, where he spent the following 18 months working as an intern. Mathias has since returned to the university, to study electrical […]

Bahari lit with Lustr+

Jeff Ravitz: Keeping it fresh

Written by Marshall Bissett Sometimes chance encounters turn into lifelong friendships and so it was for a young Jeff Ravitz. In the late ‘70s he was working with the Chicago band Styx and they had a show in […]

Camp CUE video

Behind the Scenes of Camp CUE

CUE is a professional development conference organized by ETC every other summer. If you use ETC products in any capacity, this conference is for you. Designers, programmers, educators, students… there’s something for everyone. This year CUE is taking […]