Kate FosterKate Sinclair Foster
Kate joined ETC in 2012 after several years spent creating sets, props, and the occasional hack lighting design in the basement theaters of New York City. In addition to writing for ETC, she has worked on numerous in-house design projects, including tradeshow booths and the New York office’s Art Deco lobby. In her free time, Kate practices figure drawing, explores obscure corners of NYC, and pines for mountains.

Rachel FrederickRachel Frederick
Rachel has worked with ETC since 2007. She takes advantage of the limited warm months in Wisconsin by participating in outdoor activities like camping, paddle boarding, kayaking, and riding waterslides. She has several gardens that she swears she’ll be able to keep up with someday. And she enjoys stretchy things like new socks, yoga, and taffy. She writes a lot, she reads a lot and she plays with her kids a lot.

Katherine WalmsleyKatherine Walmsley
Katherine joined ETC in 2016 and is based in the London office. With her pale skin, sarcastic sense of humour and a penchant for talking about the weather, you might call her a typical Brit. She loves a good road trip, and you’ll often find her gallivanting around the UK visiting friends and family. Katherine enjoys travelling, reading, walking and live music. She’s also a qualified hypnotherapist – but don’t let that scare you!

Allison SuchonAllison Suchon
Allison – an ETCer since 2004 – has a passion for studying languages and geeks out over linguistics, grammar and etymology. She loves all things Russian and can often be overheard talking to herself in Russian. When she’s not cheering on the Badgers and Packers, Allison can be found crocheting dog sweaters and baby clothes for friends, baking treats for her coworkers, or burying her nose in a book.

Nick GonsmanNick Gonsman
Nick works for ETC in New York City, where he specializes in control, integration, and networking. He designs power and data distribution systems, conducts trainings, and supports user needs for programming and system development. Internally, he writes education content for controls and is a member of the Controls Steering Team. Outside of ETC, Nick freelances as a designer and programmer for theatre, dance, and live events. In his copious free time, Nick likes to make his own wine.

David LincecumDavid Lincecum
David studied theatre and lighting design extensively, but later realized that he really loves the hardware! He started at ETC in 1994 and worked as a sales manager in Los Angeles until 2003 when he moved to Wisconsin to join marketing. In his spare time he has studied yoga extensively, practicing it each day and also teaching classes along the way. He enjoys wilderness canoeing and camping and spending time in the north woods of Wisconsin.

Jacob CoakleyJacob Coakley
Jacob joined ETC at the beginning of 2017. A former magazine editor, Jacob is a long veteran of the theatER/theatRE wars and Oxford Comma skirmishes. He trained as an actor in New York, a sound designer in San Francisco, and as a writer everywhere. At ETC he helps with the Architectural; Dimming, Power & Switching; and Networking product lines. Currently splitting time between LA and Las Vegas, Jacob is nevertheless researching the best cheese shops in Wisconsin for his next trip back to HQ.