Upgrading to sustainability

Upgrading to sustainability

The sustainability of a versatile, easy-to-use, and reliable lighting solution is important for an education space as it enhances the mood of assemblies, and academic, cultural, and festive events. The Chinese Foundation Secondary School (CFSS) in Hong Kong recently upgraded its lighting package and rigging system in its School Hall. They embraced ETC products for their renovation and included Source 4WRD II, ColorSource Spot jr, ColorSource AV console, EchoTouch, and Prodigy FlyPipe to improve sustainability and achieve a modern lighting system for the double-decked space.

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photo @ The Chinese Foundation Secondary School

CFSS is a non-profit making DSS secondary school founded in 2000 as in Hong Kong. Being a forerunner in the promotion of sustainable development, an Exemplary School of UNESCO Project on Education for Sustainable Development in China, and an award winner of numerous reputable SD projects, Source 4WRD II was selected by CFSS to replace the traditional tungsten profile and Fresnel fixtures in its School Hall, which is a multi-purpose venue. Traditional tungsten fixtures consume 650 watts of power per fixture, per hour while Source 4WRD II brings a significant reduction in power consumption as its LED light source has an impressive L70 rating while only consuming 175 watts of power per fixture, per hour. That’s 70% less power consumed by Source 4WRD II without compromising on brightness. LED fixtures also provide a cooler surface which lowers the need for building cooling systems. The installation is simple and no steelwork is required. The upgraded fixtures will help CFSS achieve an eco-friendly lighting solution that aligns with the school’s sustainable development goals.

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photo @ The Chinese Foundation Secondary School

Additionally, ColorSource Spot jr was selected as the spotlight on stage to add additional color for performances. Spot jr is compact and designed for small to middle-scale venues like a school hall. The affordable fixture offers 5,700 lumens of brightness. The four-color mixing system brings bright and vibrant colors that set the mood for school activities like plays and music performances.

To offer a lighting control system that is easy to manage, set up, and program for teachers and students, CFSS integrated a ColorSource 20 AV console and an EchoTouch Controller. This single lighting system now controls all the luminaires in the venue. EchoTouch provides a compact, powerful, and intuitive interface to program and control presets, while ColorSource 20 AV provides a simple, yet sophisticated system for controlling fixtures. Users can also manage the console remotely with any mobile device using wireless access point connection. The integrated control enables simple navigation and a programming environment which makes the system accessible for everyone and will hopefully increase the students’ interest in stage lighting design.

To access every section of the stage in the School Hall, CFSS replaced the hand winch light bars with three ETC’s Prodigy FlyPipe hoists with Helix Cable Management. FlyPipe provides a fast way for end-users to plot new lighting rigs for any show. It is no longer necessary to access the light bars by lowering or raising them manually. The new rigging is controlled by QuickTouch with precise programmable preset positions. The intuitive operating system and safety features include SmartSlack, dual brake technology, and emergency stop, ensuring a safe and reliable rigging system for students under the guidance of teachers to create a useful and artful stage environment.

The upgrade provides a sustainable and modernized theatrical system for CFSS. Teachers can enjoy the integrated lighting solution, with the advanced theatrical lighting technology while encouraging creativity in their student designers and technicians.


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For more information about The Chinese Foundation Secondary School, please visit http://www.cfss.edu.hk/

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