Source Four delivers “Rays of Hope” in Vienna

Wiener Lichtblicke (Vienna Rays of Hope) is an installation by Austrian (light) artist Victoria Coeln spanning ten “lighting interventions” in public spaces throughout Vienna that can be seen on a 10,000-step walk. The project is all about human rights and highlights locations directly or indirectly connected to different human rights, or a protagonist.


With the focus on human rights, it was critical to the organizers that this installation was accessible to everyone. The outside venue makes it possible for anyone to explore the installation, even during pandemic-related restrictions.

Coeln calls her work “light interventions,” which she has been developing all over the world since her first Chromotopia installation in 2002. They are created in famous buildings, in places of political, archeological, cultural, or historical significance – everywhere that questions of coexistence are at stake and where there is a sediment of sensations, memories, and emotions to be discovered, lifted up, and sometimes even transformed.


In total, Coeln used 23 conventional Source Four fixtures that have been reworked into HMI fixtures with zoom lenses. A special dome housing protects the fixtures as they are used outdoors, directly mounted to the city’s regular street lighting.

“Nothing beats ETC Source Four fixtures – and I have tested many fixtures on the market.” -Victoria Coeln

Coeln’s design includes dichroics that she scratches, overlays, and manipulates. Her technique can be seen here. When viewing the installation up close, you can see in the lines that white light splits into spectral colors, resulting in a rainbow that represents dignity, equality, and peace.

Wiener Lichtblicke closes on May 19, when Austria will loosen Coronavirus restrictions. To learn more about this project, visit the website.

Wiener Lichtblicke – Danke an Stadt Wien–Wien leuchtet from NIPAS [Nomadic Institute] on Vimeo.

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